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Title Submission Instruction 06 - Closure and Post-Closure Plans
Document ID LPR-SW-SI-06
Summary The Virginia Waste Management Act (Title 10.1, Chapter 14 of the Code of Virginia (10.1-1400 et seq.)) stipulates that all facilities for the disposal, treatment, or storage of nonhazardous solid waste obtain a permit from the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality. Permit application procedures and documentation are dictated in the Waste Management Act and Solid Waste Management Regulations (Title 9 of the Virginia Administrative Code (VAC), Agency 20, Chapter 81 (9 VAC 20-81 et seq.)). This Submission Instruction provides a guide to what should be submitted to meet closure and post closure requirements.
Effective Date 2/2/2012
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Explanation or Citations **See LPR-SW-SI-00** Links updated September 2012

This document applies to the following chapters
[9 VAC 20-81] Solid Waste Management Regulations

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