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Standards for Recorded Permanent Instruments [17 VAC 15 ‑ 61]
Action Promulgate a new regulation governing Standards for Recorded Permanent Instruments
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10/10/14  11:32 am
Commenter: Carolyn H. Honeycutt, Clerk; Carroll County Circuit Court

Proposed Recordation Regulation

The proposed actions are well passed due. They accomplish simplification by reducing the number of regulations while modernizing the regulations for what and how we do today. The old terminology and processes that are no longer used are appropriately removed. Refreshing regulations also brings better attention to those matters that may have become mundane by those who have used them for decades. With new regulations and some tweaking of the old, better attention is paid (by the user) to all regulations regarding recording standards for written documents and plats.

11/6/14  4:08 pm
Commenter: Robert M. Gordon President Loudoun Commercial Title


I reviewed the proposed regulations and found them generally fine.  An improvement and modernization.  I did email some civil engineers because I don't know if the current maximum on plats is 18 x 24 or if they occasionally have to use a larger size.  If 18 x 24 is the current maximum and there is no change I have no concerns.  If it is a reduction from the maximum allowed size I would have a problem.

I don't know if the limitation on two sided originals is new.  I think its a good idea.  We never prepare two sided documents but we occasionally get deeds of trust from out of state lenders that are two sided, we think they are a major pain but the clerks of the court seem to accept them at the present time.  Is this a change in the rules.

That's it for this office.  Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

12/4/14  8:18 am
Commenter: Victoria Mayfair

Virginia Library board

Sounds like a great proposition, can't wait for it to be completed, wish they would take this account in Mayfair.