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6/21/22  10:44 am
Commenter: Jennifer Fidura


Page 68-69 It is not clear where the unique required training options for personal assistants employed by agencies licensed by VDH ends; three bullets are in bold type but are not further indented which would make them subparagraphs of the topic.  See the formatting example on pages 72 & 73

The fourth bullet (which begins "Personal assistants in the agency-directed model must have a satisfactory work record . . .") would seem to apply to VDH licensed agencies as DBHDS Licensing regulations include similar, but not identical, requirements. 

Page 71 Under the listing of requirements for all respite assistants, you should specify that the requirements apply to "licensing categories" except DBHDS.  Some conflict with DBHDS requirements. 

Page 73  See above for comments on the similar, but not identical, requirements for references.



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