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3/22/21  6:14 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Increase in Companion and Aide hourly rates-What about the Private Duty Nurses

The nurses that are taking the same risks and spend much more time with the EPSDT and CCC Plus Waiver members did not get Hazard Pay last month.  And did not get a raise the last time the aides did.  Why is that?  Are the nurses not valuable?  The nursees take of the MOST sick and most critically ill Medicaid Members and that does not deserve a raise like the aides get? Are you going to train the aides to take care of a child on a ventilator?  

There are not enough nursing home beds in the state to take all of the nursing members that are in the Waivers.  But it is hard to stay when the nurses are not even given raises or treated as well as the aides are in Va. No hazard pay. No raises. Will equal NO nurses. 

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3/23/21  10:14 am
Commenter: Personal Care Agency


Agencies should be paid more than Consumer directed...We are required to pay out large amounts of money for comp insurance, Dept of Health Licensure, Registered Nurses, Brick and Mortar Building, mileage. The Consumer Directed Aides are paid more than we can pay our aides. All Agencies are having trouble getting staff because of this and 90 % of the Consumer Directed patients can't even get their Aide to show up and do the visit. We are held accountable and they are not..but they get paid a higher rate.

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