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Guidance Document Change: Guidance on collaborative practice agreements


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1/31/20  3:21 pm
Commenter: Elisa G. Burton RPh, BCPP

including all medication

I have been involved in a  collaborative practice with a psychiatrist in Madison Heights, Virginia for a number of years. It has been a rewarding experience and  has improved patient care. The psychiatrist has moved to a new location in central Virginia  where he primarily serves the ID population  and would like me to join him in a Collaborative Practice (CP) when I leave my current position. I would like clarification that this CP is for conditions which have protocols that are accepted as the standard of care. In psychiatry and in the ID population, controlled substances , i.e gabapentin, lorazepam  are accepted as the standard of care for various mental health diagnoses. I believe this is a roadblock to  a successful Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA). 

In addition, due to  pharmacists are not having provider status, please give guidance as to which prescribers name shall appear on the  prescription label. Pharmacies have had trouble in the past getting claims through with my name. 

Collaborative Practice agreements  enhance positive outcomes to patient care. 

Thank you for your consideration

Elisa G. Burton 

CommentID: 78973

2/5/20  2:27 pm
Commenter: Natalie Nguyen, Virginia Society of Health System Pharmacists

Clarification of Requirements

The clarification with regards to the relationship of the collaborative practice agreement between the pharmacist and practitioner is clear within the proposed guidance document.

CommentID: 78997