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Guidance Document Change: The 2020 General Assembly passed House Bill 817 requiring the Department of Education (VDOE), in collaboration with the Department of Health and medical professional societies, to develop and distribute health and safety best practice guidelines for the use of digital devices in public schools no later than the 2021-2022 school year. These guidelines address digital device use for different age ranges and developmental levels, the amount of time spent on digital devices in the classroom and at home, appropriate break frequency from the use of digital devices, and physical positioning as it applies to ergonomics and posture.
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4/28/21  9:13 pm
Commenter: Center for Safer Wireless

Devices in schools

There are many studies showing that the wireless radiation used in the devices that we are giving the children in school have a harmful affect on their bodies.  It is important to not harm our children with toxins that we could have avoided.  Please look at the information at this reputable site.

We can have the children be on the internet with ethernet wires and if we have to use industrial routers we should make sure the children and teachers are not near them.  They also should be turned off when not being used so the exposure is limited to when it is absolutely necessary.

Thank you for caring about the children and doing the best to protect them from harm.


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