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9/26/20  10:02 am
Commenter: Anonymous

How is this even being considered? NO NO NO

Following the poor example of those such as our governor, this is yet another publicity stunt. Yet another pandering measure by those in government. Why make a calculated decision based on confirmed, measurable data? No, lets just try to be the first to be able to say we did something even if that something has no evidence to support that that it in itself is not harmful. Our government is going to destroy our economy and strip so many families of what they have spent generations building just so they can say for now that they were doing the "most good" as they saw it in the moment. They might protect the health of some if this passes but they will certainly destroy countless lives. What do you thinks they will have to say to console you or your loved ones when you and them are out of business or out of a job because of these types of dictations to small businesses? There is not one person in our local state or federal government who is in any position to tell me that they know better than me how to safely operate my business. Look at the Northams now. I would hardly call him a subject matter expert.

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