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9/25/20  8:25 pm
Commenter: Tracy Allen-Eck

NO to COVID mandates and ESPECIALLY the mandatory MASK requirement. STOP it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

First, we as Virginians were asked to help slow the curve of the COVID virus for the sole purpose of reducing the number of deaths and over crowding the hospitals.  The over crowding of the hospitals never happened and death count has continued to decrease.  Now, the Northam has changed the original reason for the masks and not fully opening up to eliminate the virus.  Now he is purely looking at the number of cases.   How ridiculous and outrageous!! And now, he has decided to continue to put our state in a State of Emergency so that he can basically, be a dictator.  This must stop!!!  This has deeply hurt our kids with all the ridiculous mandates for the schools.  There are more kids seeking counseling now then ever.  And the CDC has changed their message on the use of masks more than 8 times since this started.  They have changed their message at least monthly on whether masks help or hurt or do nothing. Whether a vaccination will be good or limited or now a vaccination is going to be less effective then a mask.  This is the CDC's last message to America.  And you want to go by what the CDC recommends, not mandates.  It's time to take the chains off of Virginians.  We should decide if we want to wear a mask or not.  Whether we want to take a vaccination or not.  And stop hurting the businesses.  Let them decide on how they want to handle this situation.  You have already put enough people out of work. 

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