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9/25/20  6:09 pm
Commenter: Heidi

Strongly Oppose

Strongly oppose these mandates which are in turn destroying more lives and causing collapse of businesses.  With children of my own in a high risk category and my husband and I also in a higher risk I refuse to wear a mask or make others wear a mask to cause a suppressed immune system causing more risk and sickness.  Since the mask mandate we’ve dealt with horrific headaches and dizziness that affect daily life.  Our business has almost died and I don’t understand why no one will listen to actually doctors!  This charade has gone on long enough and society needs to come to terms that we are not invincible and there will always be sickness and death.  If we are so incredibly concerned for all the deaths caused by Covid then why aren’t we concerned with the Genocide of our most Vulnerable citizens? Why by choice thousands of lives are murdered in the US everyday?  No amount of masks is going to change reality. 

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