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9/25/20  5:01 pm
Commenter: Wayne Perry

Opposition to permanent DOLI standards

The idea that temporary standards that would apply to a infectious disease process that is/will be mitigated with a nearly permanent solution (education, vaccination, herd immunity, etc) would be so quickly made into permanent and lasting fiscal and operational demands for the business community is outrageous.  Most of the mitigation that is currently being demanded of businesses and individuals does NOTHING to change the actual transmission and rates of the disease.  Not to mention the rates of death which are not that far off from a typical flu season.  None of this is done for flu or other diseases (SARS, H1N1, Zika, etc) nor should it have been done.  Putting a one-way directional sign on the floor of an aisle is nonsensical; how does this change the transmission.  There needs to be common-sense guidelines, such as distancing and limited contact, but the current DOLI standards that are in place are INAPPROPRIATE AS A CURRENT MEASURE and SHOULD NOT BE MADE PERMANENT.  Each individual customer and each individual business - just as they do with every other interaction - needs to make a risk-reward analysis and provide the appropriate service environment based on their customer base and their business type.  A gym with college students is not the same as a thrift shop at an assisted-living and they should NOT be treated as if everyone was exactly the same.  We need LESS regulation and compulsion and MORE critical thinking and individual responsibility.  People make a risk assessment every day when they decide to get in their automobile and drive on the roadway.  These are individual decisions and should NOT be some fascistic hand-down from bureaucrats sitting behind some desk and having no idea what is involved in actually running a business and operating an organization.  DO NOT MAKE THESE INTO PERMANENT REQUIREMENTS!!!

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