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9/25/20  4:24 pm
Commenter: Christopher Cummings

Absolutely opposed

I am entirely opposed to anything like a permanent mask mandate.  The current mask mandate is unwarranted, unhelpful, and inconsistent with individual liberty.  The CDC itself in a May 2020 study found no appreciable effect from mask wearing on transmission of influenza virus.  Coronavirus and influeza virus are comparable in size and the correlation is obvious.  Masks are a symbolic gesture and not an efficacious tool.

Even if masks were a helpful adjunct to hygiene and sanitation, government mandates for their use are abusive and destructive of civil rights.  Voluntary guidelines are a different matter.  Government should refrain from acting where it is not competent to make educated decisions, as in the case of the coronavirus.  The science has been all over the map with routine contradictions in guidance.

Do NOT establish any kind of permanent mask requirement.



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