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9/25/20  2:37 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Teacher Decent

As a teacher, an expecting mother, and an active member in my community I must comment on this. Wearing a mask indoors all the time...EVEN IF I AM ALONE... Is outrageous. Here is my decent:

-The CDC has now stated that masks are not a solution. That the bacteria is SO SMALL that it can fit through any hole/porous surface. However we are still required to wear them. 

-Masking your face prior to the pandemic was a crime. This mandate and potential change would then essentially give permission to an individual that wanted to hide their face while committing a crime ways to conceal their identity.

-When you are alone in your work place (stating this as a teacher who is alone in her classroom for 90% of her day) it is not necessary to cover your face. 

-As a pregnant woman, I am depriving not only myself of clean oxygen but also my unborn child. I have nearly fainted from wearing a mask in the grocery store. Masks are not healthy. And I will fight this because I will not deprive my child of his daily needs in the fetal state just as I will never deprive my child of his basic needs when he is born.

-It has also been proven that masks that are not cleaned regularly or disposed of can cause a person to contract Legionnaires. Which can be just as dangerous as a severe case of Covid. 

-Studies have now proven that children that have not gone through puberty (and do not have any underlying health conditions) do not have symptoms bigger than a common cold or they appear a-symptomatic. Why continue to force small children to wear a mask when they cannot contract or disperse the virus the same as an adult or teen?!

-If you continue to infringe on the rights of your constituents, when will you realize that you have gone too far? I am so disappointed in my local and state representatives for not representing ME and the very large portion of the population that does not agree with how the pandemic is being handled. They are not looking at credible sources. They are making decisions based off of fear and peer pressure from people with deep pockets. 

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