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9/25/20  2:18 pm
Commenter: John Viar

Permanent Mask Requirement

Before you jump to something as drastic as permanent mask requirement, let's see the scientific evidence that backs up the benefit of masks.  I am not talking someone's opinion, simulation, or the "expert" say they work.  We have already seen how accurate the experts have been with something that has supposedly killed no more people that what a bad flu season does.  Provide undisputable scientific evidence derived from multiple experiments where masks have been proven to be effective.  Sample experiment would be to put 6 doctors with six different types of mask on in a room with 6 COVID positive patients for 30 minutes.  Add a doctor with no mask and no underlying conditions to the room for good measure.  If in 14 days none of the doctors with masks get COVID and the doctor without the mask comes down with COVID, then you might have an argument for masks.  Until that time you really don't know if the mask work, so no more mandatory mask orders.  The hospitalizations and deaths from COVID have dropped dramatically.  Most people who come down with it now describe it as a bad flu/cold that last for ~ 3-5 days.  Wait till the first of 2021 to even consider this action.

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