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9/25/20  9:06 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Strongly Opposed

Permanently requiring PPE and vaccinations is gross overreach on the very freedoms our country was founded upon. Not only will this permanent requirement be overreaching on our freedom(be it religious, basic right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, etc.), it violates basic human rights by forcibly injecting someone with unwanted vaccinations where the results have not had years of testing and results. It is too soon to create permanent requirements that will hinder the physical health of adults and children and only prolong the COVID-19 outbreak. The unknown risks and now CDC backtracking on the results of masks, etc is exactly why more time is needed to remain temporary requirements. Making this permanent will also result in the detriment of small businesses. As it’s likely this pandemic will be temporary, imposing “one size fits all” COVID-19 regulations on all employers is unreasonable and unnecessary. The overreach into small businesses that make this country what it is will be catastrophic in the end. The government should support it's citizens and their decisions, not further hinder their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness with permanent solutions for a temporary problem.

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