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9/25/20  9:01 am
Commenter: Bettie Guion

Mask Wearing

I have asthma. I have tried every type of mask on the market. I cannot breathe in them. The lack of oxygen to my lungs causes me to cough incessantly. I do not see how the low numbers of cases and deaths at this point warrant the requirement for the citizens of Virginia to still wear masks. Friends are constantly getting headaches, exhaustion and nausea from wearing masks all day for work. School children need oxygen to keep their minds alert to take in information all day. 

There have been numerous studies that show the masks we are wearing do not keep out the minuscule droplets of Covid. The popular disposable ones even say on the box they do not protect the wearer from the virus.Even OSHA regulations confirm this. The only masks that are truly effective are fitted to the individual and only used in highly controlled settings for surgeries with superior air quality and extra HVAC circulation. Yes, people over a certain age or with compromised immune systems need to be careful. If wearing a mask makes a person feel more comfortable, it could be voluntary, but mandatory mask wearing I believe does more harm than good now that we know more about the numbers of Covid and how to treat it. 

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