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9/24/20  10:03 pm
Commenter: Allen Getz Jr

STRONGLY OPPOSE a permanent face covering/mask requirement


My name is Allen Getz, Jr. I live in Mecklenburg County VA; the town of Boydton specifically

As a partially deaf person who possesses a myriad of health issues, a permanent facial covering mandate prohibits me from exercising my rights as a Virginian. For example, on one occasion I could not participate in a Public Hearing in Mecklenburg County (date 15 September) because of the mask requirement -- the requirement prevents me (on this occasion) from entering the foyer to enter the Hearing occurring in an adjacent area. Also, I could not enter the Registrar's office and vote for the upcoming elections. Only by the placement of the equipment outside could I participate. 

I am certain I am not alone in these frustrations -- and seeing the lady tazed in Ohio gives me great cause for concern.

For most of this, I feel as if I am relegated to the back of the bus. Disabled folks should not be treated in such fashion.

Therefore, a 'NO' vote on mandatory facial coverings becomes obvious


Allen Getz, Jr.

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