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9/23/20  6:06 am
Commenter: Danny Funderburk


TPS began as a temporary protection to those displaced by natural disaster or violence in their home countries.  This program has remained in place for decades.  Children have been born and raised in this country with little or no connection to the home of their parents.  It is bad policy to leave people in political limbo this long and worse policy to send them back to a country still unsafe and unreceptive.

Allowing this policy to lapse is wrong morally.  It is wrong for humanitarian reasons.  It is wrong for ethical reasons.  It is wrong for economic reasons.  These families have made a way of life for themselves and are contributing to the fabric and finances of our country.  

Their children have been born and raised in this country and are Americans by definition.  The parents work for companies like mine, many having worked 15 years or longer.  They are foremen, they include entire crews, whose elimination would be difficult-if not impossible to replace.

I suggest we replace the policy-not the people.  Do it for them, do it for us.  Do it to support the continued economic growth.  Do it for any or all of these reasons.  Just do it!

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