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9/21/20  3:35 pm
Commenter: Cathleen Cogdill

Strangling businesses will not bring them back-COVID is not permanent-stop trying to regulate it!

With another regulation comes another tipping point of no return. Businesses are open markets of opportunity for employees and customers alike. Virginia should not become a state of in loco parentis. We already have colleges and universities that struggle with controlling the students who did return to campus and do not live in our state for more than nine months at a time.

However, businesses are now even at MORE risk with overwhelming scrutiny  should either a consumer or employee become ill.  The pandemic is being perpetuated as permanent and businesses are caught in the Catch 22. If multiple employees test positive, the business must also report to DOLI and VDH and then wear the SCARLET 'O' - outbreak!  And with no way of really assessing the scope of that outbreak as employees are not housed by their employers.  Moving around the Commonwealth is becoming an expensive game of pinball, not knowing who bumped into whom and got what from where. Correlation does not mean causation and if every ill person's employer is under investigation-no one will ever return to work.

Can we dial it down? This is going to wreak havoc on our ability to function as the hub of businesses we all enjoy across all five regions of this great Commonwealth we all call home.



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