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8/31/20  3:27 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Let it go

The requirements of this standard are overly burdensome to continue indefinitely.  There is no data to support the need for this standard to become permanent.  To expect workers in Virginia to have to social distance and wear face coverings for the rest of their working lives is utterly ridiculous.  Perhaps if board members were to say that out loud to themselves they might actually realize how ridiculous that sounds.

I listened to all of the sessions on the adoption of the ETS and personally felt that it was a joke.  I am amazed how board members quickly changed their minds when the governor didn't like what they had to say. (learning institution requirements)  Some board members seemed to be in it in order to be able to get more clients for their consultation business or just to try to make a name for themselves.  I would be interested to see how they are all following the requirements that they themselves instituted.  A nice surprise VOSH visit to their establishments would be very interesting indeed.  Then again, it would be interesting to see if VOSH is even following these requirements.

Workers need to be able to get back to normal.  Employers need to be able to get back to normal.  You can't continue to force employers to put unrealistic protections in place just so their employees can blow those protections out of the water when they go to the bar, the grocery store or even to their evening sports leagues.  If workers aren't willing to take responsibility for themselves out in public then employers should not be forced to take the responsibility for them.  This standard ultimately makes employers responsible for what the workers are doing off the job and that just makes no sense whatsoever.  

We don't need more regulation.  We need more people with good sense.  Obviously that is lacking in the Governor's office, on the board, at VOSH and in the Commonwealth overall.


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