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6/22/20  9:54 pm
Commenter: Paul Stefanski

Rescind Mask Order

I have searched for reliable scientific evidence that shows mask use by healthy persons will result in a meaningful reduction of transmission rates of coronavirus.  I have found little and I do not think any such evidence exists.  I am aware that Dr. Fauci has stated he has embellished reports related to coronavirus based on his personal views vice solid data and my belief is the Governor's mask mandate follows similar gut feelings vice facts.  

Anyone should feel free to wear a mask if they choose so, but given the lack of evidence for its efficacy in halting Coronavirus, the mandated wearing of masks is a foolish edict that isn't supported by science.   

We need to get the state back to work and off the streets...the violence in Richmond punctuates this do this we need to stop wasting time on feel good measures like mandatory face masks and take proper steps to protect the very small portion of the populace who may die from this virus and let the rest of us get back to providing for our families and allowing our kids to have their lives back.

Please focus on the actual REAL data and science here and make good legislation.  The simple fact is anyone under 65 will likely not have a bad outcome from the virus...period.  Stop this knee jerk reaction edicts imposed by the Governor and all the doom and gloom.  It is time to listen to the people of the commonwealth and operate like a democracy, not the banana republic we've seen since March.



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