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6/22/20  7:55 pm
Commenter: Cass W


First and foremost, mask mandates violate our Constitutional right to privacy. Masks make people with medical conditions visible at a glance.

The Supreme Court ruledthat no one can be forced to disclose a medical condition.

Or right to privacy of medical history is further protected by the 5th amendment.

Any law or regulation that violates our Constitutional rights is NULL AND VOID. We The People are not obliged to participate.

Also, it's a scientific fact that viral particles are not stopped by the commonly used masks. Cloth masks are ineffective against any virus. They do however trap warm moisture creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Pair that with the fact that the masks hinder consumption of Oxygen and increase carbon dioxide thus weakening the immune system; cloth masks provide an increased opportunity for illness. 

Anyone who is a proponent for all healthy people wearing masks is either ignorant or acting with malicious intent. 

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