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6/22/20  7:34 pm
Commenter: Virginia R

Masks and social distancing a MUST--Follow SCIENCE guidelines, not Fox News or ALEC

There is new evidence that some children may become very sick from COVID19. In addition, we already know the devastating impact of the virus on the "over 60 crowd" and immune-compromised. Do you know how many parents, grandparents and wards of our schoolchildren this amounts to? Quite a lot. Do you know how many school teachers, staff and administrators would put their lives at risk to "return to normal" based on fact-free non-science? Too many to sacrifice!

There is still little known about the virus and the many forms it can take. What we do know is there is no vaccine, no cure, and that it is highly transmittable. I hope you will see that this comment forum is getting spammed by an inordinate amount of fake-name trolls sponsored by right wing re-open groups and not by concerned parents who love both their kids and their grandparents. Mask wearing, social distancing, and hand-sanitizing is a proven, effective, small price to pay so that our kids can see their school friends and teachers again. Reopen safely or not at all. FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

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