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Action Practice of dry needling
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7/22/19  10:10 pm
Commenter: Hongjian He

Opposed to dry needling being performed by Physical Therapists with current Physical Therapy trainin

Physical therapists are NOT highly trained professionals who were taught to perform Dry Needling. There is no standard  training, no standard curriculum and no standard test. There are no bench marks and no continuing education requirements. Physical Therapists performing Dry needling have caused many cases of pneumothorax and nerve injuries. Licenced Acupuncturists perform dry needling much better. They are better trained with gentle and precise techniques. Many of my patients comment that my dry needling technique is much less painful and more effective than dry needling that they had received from Physical Therapists. Physical Therapists should obtain a minimum of 300 hours training if they want to perform dry needling. MD medical acupuncturists require at least 300 hours training. Acupuncturists require over 600 hours of supervised clinical training plus thousands more hours of classroom training. The palpating skills used in dry needling require many hours of training. Memorizing names of the muscles in our head is not equal to being able to palpate and identify the problem muscles, tendons, joints, facia and nerves. 

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