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Action Practice of dry needling
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7/19/19  12:31 am
Commenter: Yu Yu,

Dry needing is Trigger point Acupuncture.7 states prohibit physical therapists from practicing it

Dry needling is also called Trigger point Acupuncture. Yun-tao Ma, a licensed acupuncturist and DN educator, wrote: “DN was first developed…by Janet Travell, MD….DN, also known as biomedical acupuncture, is based on a modern understanding of human anatomy and pathophysiology and on modern scientific research, drawing heavily on leading-edge neurological research using modern imaging techniques, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Images (fMRIs) of the brain.” 

Dry needling, aka trigger point acupuncture, uses Acupuncture needles. Points PTs taken are largely overlapped with Acupuncture points. Nowadays I learnt from my patients that some Physical Therapist even put electrodes on the needles, which is exactly same as Electro-acupuncture. Just because the performer explain the mechanism with another way, by labeling with a new name for the technique, then Acupuncture become something else?

Acupuncturist needs 3600 CLINICAL hours to perform this invasive treatment method. 

7 states prohibit physical therapists from practicing it!


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