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4/17/19  10:00 pm
Commenter: Kevin Zrenda

A ban on 'reparative' therapy harms youth, impinges on moral freedom

Some young people may have attractions they desire to change or moderate. Others may simply desire counseling to live a chaste life.  In either instance, there should be options for families to make informed decisions.

This is really a question of separation of church and state-- except for the fact that it would be the state infringing on legitimate personal, moral, and sometimes religious beliefs.  If someone wants to remain a virgin, or simply live a life of chastity-- and better deal with their attraction to mixed sexes or same sexes, these bans would prevent counselors from giving helpful advice and support to their clientele.  Maybe some people don't want to avoid same sex attraction... okay...  maybe some people do... and that's okay too-- the legislature and professional bodies have no right to dictate a personal belief one way or the other.

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