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4/17/19  9:45 am
Commenter: Scott & Stephanie Goodspeed

Weigh the Evidence: The Dangers of "Affirmative Care"

It's important to realize that case studies and research that invalidate the LGBT activist narrative of “born that way" don't currently receive enough weight in the analysis by some policymakers. Indeed, much of it appears to be suppressed which is a dangerous approach in analyzing any social and public policy issue.

Most responsible therapy is inherently reparative in some fashion. Restored lives are living proof that change is possible if professionals are allowed the freedom to get to the root cause of an effect.

The Heritage Foundation has done some very responsible analysis aggregating the research into the resulting effect of affirming gender dysphoria in children and adults. It would be a good idea for any thoughtful and responsible policymaker to hear their analysis particularly in a world where wreckless activism quickly replaces responsible analysis.?

The Medical Harms of Hormonal and Surgical Interventions for Gender Dysphoric Children

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