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3/20/19  9:56 pm
Commenter: MH

Not Theraputic

In the 5 years they my son had been 'out' first as a lesbian and then as a transgender teen, he has seen a number of mental heath professionals and doctors. They include licensed professional counselors, a psychaitrist, a nutritionist, a pediatric endocrinologist, and a doctor of adolescent medicine. No where, not one time has one of these medical professionals asked if I was interested in conversion therapy. Not once was it suggested that I try and change him. They sought acceptance, perseverance, adaptation and kindness. They offered to help guide the family, monitor his mental and physical health while making sure he was in a safe space at home. This is how this process should be. This is how mental health should work. Allowing for youth to be tortured in a way that makes uncomfortable adults feel better is just plain wrong. Follow the science. Follow the reality and stop this harm being pushed onto our children. 



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