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3/20/19  7:02 am
Commenter: Shawn Senning

Conversion Therapy

Conversion Therapy is brainwashing.  Never in my years of training, as a counselor, was the subject to to CONVERT someone from one thing to another EVER broached.  Remember how well that worked for left handers? BORN THAT WAY.  If we want to continue to up the numbers of suicides in this country, Conversion therapy may be a perfect answer.  If one is looking to embrace people the way they were  meant to be and enable wholeness, kindness and love, then Conversion therapy needs to be banned.  If you want to convert to a different religion, that is a decision.  Being born a particular way is NOT a choice.  No one chooses to be subject to abuse, rejection, bullying and the like.  Welcome to 2019.  Conversion Therapists are money making killers.  I'd venture to say, many of them are of the LGBTQ community , themselves.  

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