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3/19/19  1:29 pm
Commenter: Henry H Riley IV

No scientific basis for Conversions Therapy


As a gay man who came of age in the 1980’s if the fear of isolation, hatred, bullying and self loathing and suicidal thoughts and AIDs did not « convert » me then I do not understand how it is possible that this conversion therapy would change me.  How can I change what is innate in me? My sexual orientation was no more my choice than my eye color or my gender. Why is it ok to force people to go to therapy for something they do not believe they need. If this had been done to me it would have renforced my self loathing which was not necessary as being a gay man is not wrong it is part of who I am. If we allow this to go on we are perpetuating stereotypes and the belief there is something wrong with us. The American Physciartic Association does not believe being gay or lesbian is illness that needs to be treated. So why do we need this conversion therapy? If we are not ill, what is being fixed?

Sadly this could lead to even more suicides. Which are already at an all time high for young adults.

Instead of conversion therapy the commonwealth should working toward inclusion and protection of all its citizens.

As a gay man I am still not fully protected under the laws of the commonwealth.

I respectfully ask you to eliminate this unnecessary and ineffective form of so called therapy. Therapy is something that someone chooses to do and is not forced on them. It is done to help a person cope with stress, depression or anxiety. It is not done to convert them.

Henry H Riley IV



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