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1/16/19  9:21 am
Commenter: Lisa Snider, behalf of VACSB DS Council

Additional Comments on Manual from DS Council

These are additional comments regarding the manual as an addendum to the comments posted on 1/15/19.

  • Was confusing as to if SC services were allowed for individuals who meet eligibility but are not on the waiting list  - pg 50 talks about individuals on the waiting list
  • The way this is laid out with Part C sprinkled throughout – very confusing.  Pg 51 reads like Part C SC services come under Dev Svcs SC team
  • Pg 57 re: notifying CCC+ Care Coordinators about reporting – states “if applicable”, but should spell out what situations are applicable
  • Page 62 – For Appeal Rights:  It is not clear who must provide Appeal Rights.  Speaks to SC being able to assist with requesting appeal, but not clear who administers this notification.
  • Page 324-  States individuals on WL need risk assessment completed; however, this is incorrect according to CRC.  CRC confirmed risk assessment is only required for individuals active to waiver.
  • Pg 331 – Retain Slot – states if services are interrupted 60 days request slot hold, but isn’t this started at 30 days with no services?
  • Pg 456 – Environmental Modification section is not clear that modifications to home cannot be made if residing with paid caregiver (Group Home, Sponsored Res).
  • Pg 458 – Group Home Residential – not clear that skill building is required.