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8/3/14  7:52 pm
Commenter: Linda Rice

Voter Photo ID

Dear Mr. McClees,  I urge you and members of the SBE to not change the photo ID requirement which went in to effect on July 1, 2014 at this time.   There is no proof that Virginia has ever had a problem with voter fraud at the polls. Nevertheless, we have this new requrirement for a photo ID and the voters still need to adjust to this new requirement.  The suggestion by Senator Obenshain that the photo ID should be checked for an expiration date will add unnecessary work and expense to the registrars and the jursidictions that they serve.  Further, if this change did occur, new training would have to be developed immediately for the registrars and election officers. Additionally, more publicity would be needed to convey the change to the public.  We only have about 3 months until election day, and any further changes to the  law will confuse voters and  hinder the voting process. Please do NOT support an expiration date for photo IDs..

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