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7/21/14  10:05 am
Commenter: Carol Lindstrom, citizen and voter

Expired Driver's Licenses should be accepted

Many of us seldom write checks any more. We use our debit cards. I use that card all over the place without having to show any form of ID. I make deposits, withdraw cash, pay bills ... all without having to even look at my driver's license. That is exactly why, a couple of years ago, my driver's license did expire. I hardly ever use the darned thing! I bet I'm not the only person that has happened to either. I drive safely. I follow the laws. So, it's unlikely that I will get reminded by someone in Law Enforcement that I need to renew my driver's license. If I do have a driver's license that is expired and get stopped at some random traffic stop. The odds are very good that I will receive a warning allowing me to proceed and to get my license renewed within a set period of time or else be subject to fines.

But, during all that time, my debit card is working just fine to manage my money. My library card works without it. My discount card at the drug store and the grocery store work fine without it. So, the need to look at that driver's license and make sure it has not expired grows farther and farther from the forefront of my thoughts.

The expired driver's license has a photo on it and identifying information. I do not vanish simply because the license expires. It could be expired for months before I happen to accidentally realize it.

Let's get real world and just leave the wording alone!

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