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Voter Registration [1 VAC 20 ‑ 40]
Chapter is Exempt from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act
Action Revise Valid Definition
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Comment Period Ended on 8/4/2014
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7/17/14  11:31 pm
Commenter: Janice Yohai

It's a poll tax.

This proposal is discriminatory and reminiscent of the time when only white me who were landowners could vote.  Enacting this proposed change to the definition of “valid” will reserve voting for the privileged, and not the public whom we claim to serve.  It is clearly a poll tax.

We would be denying the right to vote to:

  • People with disabilities who no longer drive.
  • Elderly people who no longer drive (and we are thankful that they came to this decision.)
  • The poor who cannot now afford a car, and certainly would not choose to pay $32 to renew their license.
  • 20-somethings who with increasing frequency have chosen to not own a car, but to bicycle or pay for smart car services, and thereby have no need to renew their driver’s license.
  • Those who have reached their 20th birthday (when first-time driver’s licenses automatically expire) and who now work at minimum wage (if at all), and cannot afford to renew their license, preferring instead to take public transportation.
  • Women of certain cultures or religious sects who are disallowed from driving, and their passports have expired.

The young, the old, the disabled, the poor, the isolated--it is these same people who will be burdened to get a photo ID for voting because----they have no transportation.

Shameful.  Do not let this be another theme for late-night TV. 

Thank you

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