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Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
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1/11/14  11:37 am
Commenter: Fairfax County Parent

I SUPPORT Parental rights over any
I have been very disappointed in the choices made by teachers of the books and movies they use to teach our kids.  Full of children killing children, fornication, rape you name it they have read it.  Yes books and movies have very much gone to pot and have lost their morale value.  But, even back when I was in school, we had to read the classics (while I am sure there would be some issues in them-maybe soft enough less people would object) anyway even if we were not interested in the book WE HAD TO READ IT!  It was our JOB to read it and be ready to discuss or report on our opinions OR ACCEPT AN F.  What ever happen to that kind of leadership....classics are classics no matter the time, and while they might start out boring to kids today....they would learn from and maybe even like quality reading that is not full of the excitment of todays low morale issues.  Things are bad enough in this world today, so do we have to decensitize them so early?  Sad.  I think that if parents want their kids opted out they should be allowed and the teacher should have a secondary option for these kids and treat it with respect.  I also think if teachers had to do this, they would not want the extra work and will do a better job of selecting the books.  I also feel strongly that if parents are allowing kids on todays video games and TV at home on the same level as these same books they should shut their mouths.  Don't just talk the talk, you have to be walking the walk or it won't matter anyway   Believe it or not their are still people around that are regulating and trying to raise their kids with strong morales.  Also, while every teachers don't have time to find these books, someone should be helping make a list that coukd give teachers a fair idea of what is in these books, but seriously do teachers begin a school year with books they have never read?!  That would be unacceptable in my opnion.  They should be vested in the books they have choosen to use to teach with.
Therefore, in my opinion a Parent should always have the last say about their kids. 
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