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Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions [8 VAC 20 ‑ 720]
Action Amendments Regarding Use of Controversial or Sensitive Instructional Materials
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12/27/13  10:47 pm
Commenter: Ellen Young,

And the reason for this idiocy is...?

The problem with public education is simple. The people making choices in our profession are NOT teachers or educators. They are politicians. They have no idea or clue what teachers do or what need. To please the voting public, they inact laws and restrictions that actually do NOT make education better...they make it worse. And they pat themselves on the backs and say "job well done" when they aren't doing our jobs.

To me, the VDOE has let us down, even though it may be peopled with former teachers. They, too, have thrown us under the bus. It seems now that everyone has a right to tell teachers and public educators how we can do our jobs, and that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. By responding to one over the top parent's complaints, they deprive the other 29 students an opportunity to learn. Who supports the teachers? Who advocates for us? Why doesn't the VDOE stand up for the students AND the teachers and stop the madness that is called SOL testing and any of the other variety of wastes of taxpayer money?

Censorship? Do you realize how far reaching this change can be? Do you realize that you are only handcuffing us even more by giving the whiny, complaining parent the right to change curriculum for others?

To me, the constant influx of VDOE and legislative rules has destroyed the teaching environment and the analysis skills of students. By teaching to the vaunted "test" we have created a generation of children who cannot connect the dots between one concept and another. They memorize information, but cannot apply it. They wait for someone to give them an answer. They don't work to their full potential because they don't know how. Why? Because the classroom has become a place where it isn't a joy to learn. There is, after all, a test to pass. A test that supposidely PROVES that a student has met the "standards" to receive a diploma. If the general public really understood what teachers do and what challenges they face daily to do their jobs, they might finally rise up against the talking heads and try to force a change.

The public education system is run by people who are interested (for whatever reason) in the best for children. However, they lack the knowledge, experience or skills to make those critical choices. It would be the same as if I walked into an Accounting firm and said that I was taking over because I know best because I know how to run a calculator...


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