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Regulations Governing the Practice of Pharmacy [18 VAC 110 ‑ 20]
Action Pharmacy working conditions
Stage Emergency/NOIRA
Comment Period Ended on 11/22/2023
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11/20/23  4:36 am
Commenter: Giant Pharmacy

Working conditions / supervisor/ bullying

Thank you for the opportunity to listen to us.   Please make these temporary regulations permanent and also give us the opportunity to amend them so that we are protected from corporate bullying.   We are bullied by corporate daily to do more with less while they sit at home behind their computers and bark orders.   Each pharmacist in corporate delegating to front line pharmacists,  should have to work 12 hour shifts on the bench monthly. I guarantee they won't ask for as much as they are now. They are not better than us,  and most are less educated.  They produce and condone this unsafe environment & are only allowing it to get worse.   The BOP is our only hope to help regulate that this stops.   

Corporate greed to drive numbers and metrics has changed pharmacy and pharmacists.  To push a vaccine due to increased profit, and not order or distribute what is in demand, is unethical. Bully supervisors that threaten pharmacusts that "you are all replaceable" and "new grads work for less" is demeaning to say the least. We are highly educated and yet treated like prisoners in a 12+ hour jail sentence without 3 meals or a bathroom.

Limited to no breaks in 12+ hours and working without pay is ongoing in every Virginia Giant pharmacy.  Every hour worked should be paid.  I mean, we are the ones pushing their profitable vaccines, aren't we? Yet, they always come out ahead , and then say we arent making any money.  How is any of this toleratesd?

Those in corporate barking metrics, including regional pharmacy managers/superviaors/district managers, should be held accountable for their scare tactics and threats.  Nobody should have anxiety going to work wondering if they will be ambushed by Corporate and HR for not meeting metrics.  The Corporate bullying and threats need to stop, and only the VA BOP can make this happen by holding them accountable.

Thank you for these regulations, as they are only the beginning to protecting our patients, pharmacists, and profession.  Please make them permanent so that it isn't all for nothing and that we are not in this same place 18 months from now. 

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