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Regulations Governing the Practice of Pharmacy [18 VAC 110 ‑ 20]
Action Pharmacy working conditions
Stage Emergency/NOIRA
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11/16/23  2:05 pm
Commenter: Anonymous


Please make these changes permanent.  While these actions are a great place to start, just look at all of the anonymous comments.  Pharmacists are afraid to speak the truth for fear of losing their jobs.  The Board of Pharmacy needs to take action to create and regulate a safe environment for pharmacy employees and for pharmacy customers.  They need to create safe working standards that are required to be met by the employers, and not put the risk onto the employees to speak up.  

At a minimum, a pharmacist should never be working alone.  Yes, you can survive and get some things done, but when there are in depth issues that a patient needs to have addressed (ex. Contacting a hospital about a discharge order, contacting insurance, spending quality time with a patient on multiple medications or needing counseling on how to inject a new medicine, etc) it is nearly impossible to provide the level of care that a patient deserves.  There are so many incredible pharmacy technicians out there, but so many are not given enough consistent hours to remain in the job or to have a reasonable work-life balance.  Thus we are constantly in a state of hire/train/hire/train which also lends itself to stress and errors.

Pharmacists are now bearing the majority of the immunization tasks for the country.  This service is an honor to provide, but we are being asked to do it with insufficient resources and unrealistic expectations.  No other health profession would allow people to just walk in with a family of five and drop everything to deliver an on-demand non-emergency service in that moment.  The initial COVID vaccine crisis is OVER.  Vaccinations can be planned for and scheduled in a balanced manner and can be reasonable included in pharmacy workload.  Please create safe regulations around this and enforce them!  Ask to see our immunization appointment workload in September and October.  Appointments every 15 minutes all day long with no extra pharmacist or technician to deliver the immunizations?  HOW does anyone believe it is possible to do this job ON TOP OF an already demanding workload?  It is not possible, and the mental and physical health of the pharmacy employees and the health of the customers is put at risk by allowing this pace.  You have the power to reclaim our professional standards.  Please help.

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