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8/16/23  4:32 pm
Commenter: Daniela Pretzer - The BridgeLine

Brain Injury Services Case Manager Staff Qualification/Credentials

The degree requirement changed from specific fields to only “must hold a bachelor’s degree OR…registered nurse.” 

  1. Does that mean any Bachelor’s degree, even if it is completely unrelated to human services? Clarification would be helpful.
  2. More importantly: For many professions, Federal agencies convert 4-year course studies to 3 years of general work experience. Only 126 occupations have educational requirements. Case management is not one of them. See here Moreover, Virginia will eliminate degree requirements and preferences for nearly 90% of classified jobs — salaried positions subject to the Virginia Personnel Act — in line with a growing private sector trend that looks at experience and other training as well as degrees when hiring. See here  If the State of Virginia following this, shouldn’t  small non-profit organizations with less financial means (Medicaid does not cover all bills) held to the same standards? Clarification would be appreciated.
  3. Please also consider that the requirement of college degrees has a big disparate racial impact and can be discriminatory. see here and here
  4. Will current employees without the specified credentials grandfathered in or do we have to terminate them after years of experience in this field? Experience with this specific clientele is of high value.

We suggest to replace bachelor’s degree with two or more years’ experience which in the opinion of the executive director (or hiring employee) is sufficient to allow the individual to perform the job.


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