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Department of Environmental Quality
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3/30/23  11:52 am
Commenter: Irene kelley

Diesel generators and data centers

Why are we allowing data centers, which need huge amounts of electrical power, to threaten our clean air, clean waters?  Diesel generators (which must be tested weekly and will be allowed to run 24/7 during power shortages) emit fumes that WE ALREADY KNOW POLLUTE OUR AIR AND WATERS WITH POISONOUS WASTE.  So why are we allowing this step backwards in our efforts to have a ‘greener society’?

Yes, we need certain types of data stored, but certainly video gaming isn’t one of them. Tik-Tok nonsense does not need to be stored.  We should be forcing Data Centers to cut back on their power needs.  

We must not believe power companies, such as Dominion, when they say they can provide the power source.  They don’t tell the public how power lines need to be built (across state lines), nor do they tell us how many brown/black  outs are coming our way during hot summer spells, nor do they tell us about their inability to meet the demands of the massive build out of data center complexes.

The diesel generators (30-40 per data center building) will spew out poisonous fumes that will hurt the most vulnerable:  children and seniors. The citizens of Virginia are relying upon your ability to protest us.  

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