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3/9/23  8:02 pm
Commenter: Jennifer Sheets

Public comment

To whom it may concern, I am asking that you do not change the current option for parents or spouses to provide attendant care for their loved ones.

My son has had services for many years, and while thankful for it, it has been a struggle to say the least. Trying to find staff has always been challenging and we often had to hire unqualified staff because we had to work. Many times this has caused him or others harm. That was pre-covid, after the pandemic finding staff has been impossible. We have tried many routes without success. 

Trying to work when you have a loved one with a significant disability is extremely hard and stressful, adding to the pile of stressors we face daily. Having a parent pay option has relieved so much stress for us and most importantly for him. He is safe, understood, and able to participate within his community. 

Without this option, many families will be forced to choose residential facilities, taking children away from their homes and families where they are happiest and best supported. 

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