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Barbering and Cosmetology Regulations [18 VAC 41 ‑ 20]
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10/20/11  9:50 am
Commenter: Shalonda Edwards

Increased fees

I was overwhelmed that the fees increased so dramatically. I do understand the need for inflation, but to rise to the point of "just plain greedy" is the only reasoning I could comprehend. I work at a childrens salon in which there is no benefits or room for advancements. Also being newly divorced, I have no money at all. My license ran out in September and I have not been able to renew them, because its either pay rent and eat or renew my licencse. To you this may seem mediocre, but when there is no extra money, there is no extra money.

Right now I'm out of a job, because I cannot afford to renew my license. There has to be some medium to work together. If there is a petition out there, I will sign because those of us that are in this industry for the love of it and not the money are seriously hurting right now.

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