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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/28/22  8:49 pm
Commenter: Bridget O'Brien

State Immunization Regulations for Children

Dear Kristin Collins,

  I believe the regulations are overreaching and unsafe.

  1. Informed Consent:  There is too much pressure for parents to have their children vaccinated without true informed consent showing the risks associated with each vaccine.  The vaccine schedule has grown exponentially over the years without any effort to study how this has and will affect the health of our children.
  2. Exemptions: Parents should be able to easily apply for and receive medical or religious exemptions for their children.
  3. Covid-19 shots: The Covid shots should NOT be added to the children's vaccine schedule.  They have been proven to be unsafe and ineffective.
  4. No HPV:  This shot requirement should be removed from the schedule.
  5. Fines/Penalties:  There should not be any fines or penalties for non-compliance.  Parents should have full discretion as to whether or not they vaccinate their children.
  6. Homeschool:  Homeschool children should not have any requirements for vaccination. 

Final note:  It is becoming clear to me that the vaccine makers, who are protected from liability, are more concerned about profit than they are about the health of the our children.

Thank you for your time,

Bridget O'Brien

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