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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/28/22  1:28 pm
Commenter: Kathleen Moog

Do NOT add Covid shots to the vaccine schedule for children

The Covid vaccines are experimental gene therapies (as defined by the CDC) and no long-term data exists on how they affect the human body, but we do know that children are mostly immune to Covid (more than 3 out of 4 children have natural immunity according to the CDC) and that healthy kids have a 99.995% recovery rate from Covid infection and usually experience minimal symptoms, if any. Therefore, healthy children are not seriously at risk from Covid and do not require vaccination for their safety.

We also know that the vaccine has, according to official vaccine safety databases like VAERS, injured almost 28,000 children and killed at least 64 (as of November 4, 2022). There is no benefit to giving healthy children who are likely immune and at almost zero risk from Covid an experimental vaccine that could result in serious heart problems (myocarditis), increased risk of fertility problems and cancer, autoimmune or neurologic problems, permanent disability, and even death. Do not condemn a generation of children to suffering and bodily destruction. The data from the pharmaceutical companies' own clinical trials shows that the vaccines present a danger worse than Covid infection for kids. 

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