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Charitable Gaming Regulations [11 VAC 20 ‑ 20]
Action Promulgation of Charitable Gaming Regulations by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, including electronic gaming provisions
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11/22/22  1:36 pm
Commenter: Jennifer K Darnell, FOE Culpeper Eagles Aerie #4551

Charitable Gaming Regulations

Good Afternoon

In regards to the upcoming legislation on Charitable gaming regulations, I would like to ask that you consider a few changes.    For  the REQUIRED amount to be spent to CHARITABLE 501 organizations  to 10 to 15 percent of gaming income.  Many of the charitable organizations while still exceed  this amount what they donate to help their local communities.   Requiring the amount to be forty percent leaves little room to the administrative costs of running the machines and hinders organizations from being able to help their community or put on events open to the community, such as bike safety, Halloween safe community events,  benefits for members of the community,  sponsoring local kid sports teams and more.   

Daily deposits from the machines will require additional manpower on both staff and volunteers.   Many of the aeries board members are volunteers who do work regular jobs and the requirement to have to go to the bank daily to make a deposit is challenging and is a requirement that may put unnecessary burden on smaller fraternal organizations.   A weekly deposit would be more reasonable.   Personally, as our treasurer/volunteer  It would be hard for me to make daily deposits with my full time job.  

We would like to keep the charitable percentage of money higher and the expenses to run the machine lower and daily deposits would require additional staffing needs and additional volunteer needs that are both resources that could be better used to carry out the goals of the organization, such as the Fraternal order of eagles motto is "People Helping People" 

Salaries and wages should be allowable expenditures of gaming funds due to the fact that we pay staff members to run the machines and have the social room open and making the machines available for customers.  This is a required expense for the organization to be able to run the electronic gaming machines 

Finally $200 per machine is a large cost that for organizations that are not working to make a profit, but to help their community.  

We are a not for profit organization, that really enjoys the ability to help our community, and raises a considerable amount of money to be able to support our community through the charitable gaming machines, but there are additional expenses that come with those machines from both paid staff and volunteers.  

I look forward to seeing a resolution and hope that you will keep in mind the effect this will have on many local communities that use these funds to support their community and that there are both day to day expenses from running the machines, and volunteer time required from daily deposits and can come up with an agreement that will support everyone.  

Thank you for your consideration in these matters to allow these charitable organizations to be able to continue support their communities.

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