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10/7/11  8:01 pm
Commenter: Chris Lozos, myself, an American and as a Virginian, Senior Citizen

The Handwriting on the Wall

There was a shameful page written in American History when certain citizens and voters were were denied their legal right to vote by those in power to give States the right to impose certain tests to prove voters were "capable" of voting properly.  It became apparent that this was a tactic used particularly to prevent African Americans from voting and was mostly used in southern States. Eventually, this kind of behavior was found unconstitutional and racist and was banned by this Country. 

Just when we thought that this ugly page had been turned in American History for good, we find my home State of Virginia is trying to use it again. This time it may not be racially motivated, this time it may just be politically motivated.

I am terribly sorry about my handwriting, as I have grown older and wiser, it has gotten worse and worse.  My ability to judge candidates has become keener with years of practice but my handwriting has fallen victim to age.  Many of the voters who use absentee ballots are unable to get to the polls due to their health or physical condition.  Those people are probably less able to write as clearly as the Governor of Virginia would like.  That should not be used as a way to revoke their voting rights.

Many of the signatures of America's founding fathers who signed such documents as the Declaration of Independence are difficult to read. Some of them were from Virginia.  I guess that means we should not have allowed them the right to vote?

This Crow may not be named Jim but it sure seems to fly in the same direction.

The Handwriting on the wall may not be clear enough to those who are trying to steal the right to vote from some Virginians but it is clear to me that it says that this tactic overwrites the fundamental words of our founding fathers who gave us the Right to Vote.

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