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Action Material omissions from absentee ballots.
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10/7/11  5:44 pm
Commenter: Thomas House, Jr.

Material omissions from absentee ballots

The continued idea of policial factions attempting to deceasing voters participation by coming up with frivolous attempts or far reaching laws or regulations about absentee ballot, i.e sloppy signatures, omitting the year in the date, or derivitive of their name is voter fraud in itself from our legislative part of our government.  Why are we trying to change this system that is not broken, instead of fixing or updating what is needed.  

A complete instructions guild from the Registrar's Office outlining clearly to the absentee ballot voter what had been the problems in the past and what is needed to clear up any misunderstanding should be noted in this packet and further explain if not done correctly, there vote could be discarded, or other options.

This proposed Material omission regulation is another attempt to decrease voter partication by students, minority, and the seniors, not to mention, college professors, physicians, and some well to do individuals, i.e. doctor's signatures, college professor's handing writing, and bad handwriting of some individuals--- should this penship caused a voter right to vote---no.

Let us not moved backward with this attempt to decease voter participation via absentee ballots missteps, but moved forward by correcting our current system by communicating with all voters the concerns of absentee ballot missteps and let us get it right.

I am against this Material Omissions Absentee Ballots proposed legislation and I urge you to not change the rules but inform your voters of issues you have.

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