Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
Department of Social Services
State Board of Social Services
Minimum Standards for Licensed Private Child-Placing Agencies [22 VAC 40 ‑ 131]
Action Adopt new standards for licensed private child-placing agencies.
Stage Proposed
Comment Period Ended on 4/1/2011
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4/1/11  9:07 pm
Commenter: Sister IV Sister

This is a violation in itself!

It is a violation to restrict faith based adoption agencies the right to decide who the children go to, the name faith based say’s it all. If you don’t believe in a power bigger than yourself don’t initiate their help. There are plenty of non – religious adoption services out there.


It is appalling that religious groups that are providing a very necessary service to the children of the world are being targeted in such a hideous way.

The fact that a portion of our society, a small portion, has the money to encourage our government, television, and every entity that has the ability to hold to the best character for humans, can  mount an attack against what is most needed in the lives of children is a disaster.


No one comes in to this world with out the help of a women and a man, that’s it! There is no Civil Right’s discrimination in requiring children be placed in a two parent, husband and wife home.  


We all have to understand that although, homosexuals are people with the right to live there life as they choose, it is their choice. No one has the right to reorganize, renegotiate, and re-tally what is a natural order of life. Science may be able to: take off; put on, make unnatural growths to the human physic, but nothing can change who you are, and what was meant to be.


People please stop emotionalizing things; no one has the answer to this deviant phenonemum that is sweeping the world. The National Psychiatric Association has said, “They (homosexuals) need no treatment” but really we all know that is not so, one thing is for sure: Religious entity’s can read the history of the truth of the matter. Just because an answer can’t be found does not mean there is not one. Have we found an answer to Aids, Cancer, or any of the thousands of physical and mental disabilities that exist? Stop messing with the normality of this world, draw a line!!!


Most of us have respect and love for people in our lives that have chosen this life style, it makes it hard for the rest of us to remain neutral, the burden lies in the two roads. One very wide, one very narrow. Those of us who know whats' best MUST guard the right and forbid the wrong, regardless of emotional ties.


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