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9/27/22  6:57 pm
Commenter: Anitra Turner

Telehealth is much needed

Telehealth is GREATLY NEEDED. IT COULD SAVE LIVES…..INFLATION IS UP.. GAS IS UP..but moreover We are not out of this PANDEMIC. THE FACILITATORS ARE IN/OUT OF TONS OF HOMES WE do not know what other VARIANTS is going to come about. WE CAN ALL GET SICK/DIE LIKE THIS. With that being said some of us take the pandemic and COVID-19 very seriously however we do have to comply with the rules of the program (DMAS)for our loved ones to be able to have a facilitator come to our homes. I personally DO NOT LIKE THE FACT that someone that has just been IN MULTIPLE HOMES in a days time each day “COULD COME INTO MY HOME AND GIVE US COVID…..” let me be clear COVID 19 is still spreading. So someone Has to come to my home just to do a routine check that can be done by phone or telehealth that is how germs and Covid & the flu etc. gets spreaded my facilitator that comes to my home has had Covid several times. I strongly strongly believe that it is due to going in and out of other peoples homes and Covid it is still a thing that we all need to take seriously not only that it will help keep the facilitators in their jobs and save them money and sickness if they don’t have to run from house to house making themselves sick but moreover putting extra miles on their cars and GAS is as high as it is it seems it would be a no-brainer for you all to do this. Especially if you are trying to keep Covid down why wait to new variance come out and then we all have to suffer the facilitators have kids at home as well that they can take Covid/the Flu back to. If doctors offices are able to continue with telehealth why can’t DMAS……THIS COULD KEEP THE FACILITATORS WITH DMAS IF THEY DO NOT HAVE TO QUIT DUE TO GAS & INFLATION LETS SAVE LIVES DMAS…..WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE A SAY WHO COMES IN AND OUT OF OUR HOMES…!!!! WITHOUT Compromising our love ones health assistance but more over our lives CAN U IMAGINE LETTING SOMEONE COME INTO YOUR HOME THAT HAS BEEN IN TONS OF HOMES AND GIVE YOU AND SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY COVID AND THEY DIE OVER A PROGRAMS UNWILLINGNESS TO DO TELE HEALTH. Why would DMAS NOT DO THIS??? COVID HAS SLOWED DOWN HOWEVER WHO KNOWS WHAT VARIANT MIGHT SPIKE AND WE BACK WHERE WE STARTED WHY RISK IT….??? It is my deepest hope DMAS THINK ABOUT SAVING LIVES…!!!! People don’t need to die in vain…… thank for your time!!!!

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