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9/16/22  4:42 pm
Commenter: Suzanne Keller

REGGI must stay in the Virginia Energy Plan

We have an urgent need to move towards a fossil fuel free economy and energy system.  Climate change is causing unacceptable levels of risk for the health and safety of the citizens of Virginia.   Fossil fuel use contributes to our current crisis.  The Virginia Energy plan should include REGGI as one tool in our toolbox on the way to a clean energy future.

REGGI is one way that Virginia can further its clean energy initiatives:.  

  • "RGGI is bringing millions of dollars of investment to Virginia and benefiting our communities right now. We don't need to make drastic maneuvers to end Virginia's participation in RGGI. The Virginia Energy Plan should focus on how we maintain Virginia's place in RGGI"
  • "The Virginia Clean Economy Act is the most ambitious climate action plan in the South, and the Governor's Energy Plan should make sure that the Commonwealth continues on the path toward meeting all of the critical climate goals in the Act."
  • Electricity prices in RGGI states dropped by almost 6% as they went up by almost 9% throughout the rest of the country. RGGI is saving Virginians’ money and supporting the transition from volatile fossil fuels.
  • RGGI has significantly improved public health by transitioning away from energy generation that pollutes air and water.
  • RGGI has generated $378 million of critical funding to support low-income energy efficiency programs and flood resilience infrastructure in Virginia.  
  • Energy efficiency upgrades are the best way to lower electricity bills, and Virginia’s funds are directed to helping those households most in need.
  • Flood resilience infrastructure protects Virginians against increased flooding and extreme weather events.

best regards,

Suzanne Keller

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