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9/16/22  3:47 pm
Commenter: Leslie Grady Jr.

Virginia Energy Plan

The Governor and I both graduated from Rice University with engineering degrees, although I preceded him by quite a bit.  Thus, when he was elected, I had hopes that what he learned about engineering decision making would lead him to make sound and logical decisions.  Unfortunately, his choice not to practice engineering let his decision-making skills atrophy.  When I heard he wanted to pull Virginia out of RGGI, I was appalled.  Obviously, that is a political decision and not an engineering one.  Earth is in trouble because of human's continued emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.  All climate scientists tell us we must stop doing so ASAP.  In the meantime, we face rising seas with their impacts on our coast lines and erratic weather causing inland flooding and high energy bills.  The Energy Plan enacted under the previous administration laid out a pathway to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the electric power sector while providing funding for coastal resilience and for helping low income families retrofit their houses to reduce their energy bills.  It is a good plan that we need to continue to follow, and frankly the Governor's plan to pull us out of RGGI with its benefits is just plain DUMB!  I'm not going to waste your time laying out all of the benefits of RGGI because you will get plenty of comments that do that.  Rather, I want you to recognize that we are in a crisis and we need to take logical, engineering-type actions to get us out of it.  The Governor's ideas don't do that.  Stick with the old plan and its tie to RGGI.  It is working and will continue to work.  Thanks for reading the words of an old codger who got his engineering degree in 1961 and has spent a lifetime making sound engineering decisions.

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